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Fastest One Man Band in the World

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Knick Knack Man

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Sgt Peppers Lonely One Man Band

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Roll Up, Roll Up

Roll up for the music

roll up for the show

one two, 
one two..
 one two three

ready steady go
Half of a duo
, third of a trio,

a quarter of a quartet

a small bit of an orchestra, 
if you haven’t got it yet

Pin your ears back, listen clearly, 
try to understand

What you see is what you get

‘cos I’m a one man band

A diversity of dexterity
An enthusiasm of entertainment
A munificence of musicality

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New Website

For the past 15 years I have had a great website made by good friend Geoff Dixon. Now it is time for a change and to get loads of new images and films out there for people.

One Man Band Shebang 2017

For the seventh time we held the Shebang here in Morecambe and bands came from all over. OMB-A5-flyer